Thursday, December 19, 2013

Manage your annotators

SpokenData transcribes speech into text. Users get automatic speech transcription for free and then they can edit it in a web-based subtitles editor. But what if you don't want to spend your time editing the transcription? There are two options:
  • buy a human transcription from SpokenData
  • manage your team of annotators
In this blog post, we will shortly introduce the second option. Annotators are users who will take care of subtitles for your recordings and each registered user can manage their team of annotators. The administrator assigns jobs to annotators and monitors which jobs are complete, in progress or refused. 

Adding a new annotator is simple and only requires filling out the form with annotator's name and email address. Then, the annotator is sent an email with the activation link. After clicking on it, the annotator sets their password and can start working on subtitles of assigned recordings.

Annotators are notified by email when they are assigned a new job. Similarly administrators are notified by email when subtitles for their recordings are complete.