Tuesday, September 3, 2013

You can transcribe your spoken data now!


We are happy to announce the spokendata.com service.

How does it work? Well, you can:
  1. upload your spoken data (local audio or video file, or YouTube video),
  2. let the service to automatically transcribe the speech into text,
  3. download the textual transcript and use it as you want to.
You can also use our interactive transcript editor to tweak the text into the form you like.

And what is this good for?
  1. If you are an company which need convert speech to text (extracting some information from video or audio), you can use our API.
  2. If you are journalist, you can let the service transcribe your interviews and save you some time in writing an article.
  3. You can create subtitles for you YouTube videos.
  4. You can also manage the uploaded videos in a dashboard, make categories and stick color tags to them.
And finally...

... stay tuned, more interesting things are coming soon!


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