Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There is no audio/video limitation on spokendata free plan now.

We changed the way how we limit the processed data for free accounts. To get a free SpokenData account, register here.

We previously had a hard limit of processed data set to 15 minutes. All data you uploaded over this limit was trimmed and discarded. So if you uploaded 25 minutes of audio or video and wanted the automatic transcript for free, you got only 15 minutes long video/audio with the transcript in your dashboard later (after the processing finished).

Currently, we do not limit your data upload. We just limit the length of the transcript we provide you for free. So if you upload 25 minute long video/audio, you will find the whole (25 minute long) video/audio in your dashboard. The generated transcript has the length limit set to 15 minutes, so you will see only the first 15 minutes of transcript for your data. But if you want, you can easily create the rest of the transcript for free yourself - this was not possible in the previous version because the video was trimmed.

We hope you welcome this change.

..and stay tuned. More interesting things are coming soon..

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